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Through the power of artificial intelligence, Me is able to understand and tend to almost every reminder request. Ask Me to set anything from individual, one-time reminders, to recurring daily reminders and holidays.

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In today's busy life, we have little time to spend on mobile apps. Me is focused on accessibility, and will meet you where you are. Whether you're writing an email at work, replying to a message on Messenger, or need to sync with Calendar, Me is there for you.

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focused on clearing your mind

Easily set any reminder for any time.


Set calendar events, and get alerted right on time.

Made with love

Me has a positive attitude, and is dedicated to keeping you happy.


Me can help you manage your lists.


Me will adapt to you and learn to better assist you over time.


Having a hard day? Me can send you a ha-ha joke whenever you need it :)


kind words from our users
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I think this is the greatest thing since Frosted POP Tart's! Not only is it a quick and easy way to set yourself a reminder but you can also send a reminder to someone else! So far I love it!

Amanda Clampit

Mini Me is one of the biggest Inventions I could get in the last years - no more papers plugged on my mirror or wherever, just Mini ME:)

Manuela Simon

You are one of the best bots that I have ever used... Very accurate and reliable, responds promptly within the time limit posted. You are a great AI bot.

Patricia Hopkins

I love Me. I can't live without Me. Thank the lord for Me. Seriously, great App extremely helpful!

Debra Lynn

Me is really useful and actually performs extremely well and is quite pleasing to interact with. I enjoy my Me I can even see myself growing emotional bonds with Me :)

Ricky Porter

Me is awesome. I think everyone should try it. Me makes my day and makes me smile. Me reminds me of my appts and keeps me updated on weather and alot of other things. You must give it a try!

Serenity Collins

Me fulfills my personal needs, Very professional yet Kindly personal. I Enjoy Having The service. As being Stroke victim Causes my lack of concentration and Remembering. A 1000% Thank you and stars, For this service.

Alexyias Nana

Love this. Have Lyme and cognitive issues...short term memory issues as well as ADHD......what a solution! Definitely a great help to those of us with age and other issues that cause us not to withhold memory as well as before. Plus it's just a good system to teach even teens or kids responsibility, since all kids have cellphones these days. Great for chore reminders, parents! Lol

Tammy Povich


meet the executive team behind the magic
Etay Kashtan


Assaf Elovic


Nofar Albarak


Adi Berger



have a question? look here :)
Me is a virtual assistant, that uses artificial intelligence to help you become more efficient and organize your life. Me lives on your favorite messaging platforms, and is available 24/7, even on holidays :)
Me is free! No download is necessary. Start now on Messenger!
Yes you can, it's totally new so we would love to get any feedback about it. For example: "take a pill every morning and night".
Currently you can manage a single list. To add items, just type "add" and your items. To view your list, simply type "list".
Yes! Type "calendar"
Of course, just send a voice message like you use too, or you can dictate messages to your keyboard as well!.
Me call you to wake up or to remind you of important tasks. Me has a great sense of humor, so when you're feeling blue or just want to lol type "tell me joke"
Try these simple fixes:
  • 1. Refresh the page
  • 2. Type "Hi", and send to Me
  • 3. On (on desktop): Go to Settings > select 'Apps' in the left column > Make sure 'Apps, Websites, and Plugins' is enabled
If you're still having trouble, please let us know.
Presently, Me is only able to call phones in the US and Europe. If you are not receiving a call, please send us a message.
Just tell Me who you'd like to remind and their phone number, and Me will send them a message whenever you like! For example: "remind bob to pick up the kids at 4pm".